Inter-Religion dialogue and tolerance in schools in Macedonia

Petrovski, Vlado and Koceva, Daniela (2014) Inter-Religion dialogue and tolerance in schools in Macedonia. Modern Education - conditions, challenges and perspectives. pp. 45-50.


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Macedonia is a multiethnic, multicultural and multireligious country where different cultures, nationalities and confessional communities exist. Amid such diversity, it is necessary to question the functioning of the various ethnic groups and religious organizations, i.e. whether there is cooperation and mutual relationship between different communities, and which the mechanisms contributing to the strengthening of this cooperation are, especially in schools in the Republic of Macedonia. Practice and past experience show that cultural mechanisms that contribute to the strengthening of cooperation between different religions are primarily those religious values that are part of the religious teachings of universal religious systems. Specifically, in our country Christianity and Islam are dominant which both proclaim and contain positive values of mutual cooperation and dialogue. In conditions of transformation of the system in a multi-ethnic and post-conflict state one of the key questions posed and analyzed in this paper is: Are religious values contributing to calming tensions and leading towards to inter-religious dialogue and tolerance in schools, or are they the cause of discord and conflict? Keywords: religion, values, tolerance, dialogue, cooperation.

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