Antioxidant potential of cold-pressed and refined edible oils

Kostadinovik, Sanja and Mitrev, Sasa (2014) Antioxidant potential of cold-pressed and refined edible oils. Working Paper. Lambert Academic Publishing - LAP.

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The object of this study is antioxidant potential of different cold-pressed and refined edible oils by application of different antioxidant assays. Antioxidant potential for particular cold-pressed oil depends of the origin of seeds or the plant from which the oil is obtained and the way on which the oil is extracted. For examination of the radical scavenger potential of the most consumable edible oils: DPPH assay, TEAC assay, HAPX assay and β-carotene assay were applied.
Cold pressed sunflower oil obtained by cold-pressing of high quality sunflower seeds contain significant level of vitamin-E-active compounds, especially α-tocopherol. Since α-tocopherol is oil soluble vitamin-E-active compound, DPPH assay was the most suitable for determination of antioxidant potential of this oil.
β-carotene assay is the best antioxidant assays for vegetable oils which consist significant amount of carotenes and licopenes. Application of this assay on antioxidant potential of cold pressed oils determined sunflower oil as the oil with the highest radical scavenger capacity.
TEAC and HAPX assays distinguished sesame seed oil as the oil with the highest radical scavenger activity. The explanations of obtained results are based in the procedure of those two assays. Both assays, in their procedures included extractions. Lignans are potent antioxidant compounds presented in significant amounts in sesame seed oil. During their extraction by polar solvents and concentrations, those extracts showed the highest antioxidant potential by application of TEAC and HAPX assays.

Key words: edible oils, antioxidant potential, DPPH assay, TEAC assay, HAPX assay, β-carotene assay.

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