The Non-tariff Barriers in the Developed Countries (The Case of USA, EU and Japan)

Miteva-Kacarski, Emilija (2014) The Non-tariff Barriers in the Developed Countries (The Case of USA, EU and Japan). Applied Sciences and Business Economics Journal, 1 (2). ISSN 2312-9832


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The non-tariff barriers have been a subject of discussion for a long period of time during the liberalization of the global trade flows between the countries. However, in order to understand the relation between free trade and protectionism in certain countries there should be analyzed not only their trade policies but also the submitted trade disputes. The focus has been placed on the dominant economies at the global market i.e. on the USA, EU and Japan as economic and political leaders in the international trading system. Three important conclusions emerge from this analysis. Firstly, there are more complaints which have been submitted in relation to the tariff barriers than such that have been resolved. Secondly, there have been submitted more trade complaints against the USA than all those against the other two countries, EU and Japan. Thirdly, it cannot be said that there is a relation between the degree of protectionism and the frequency of trade complaints against a particular country. Key words: non-tariff barriers, protectionism, trade disputes.

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