The Role and Importance of Investment Banking in the Financial Industry and Innovation

Davcev, Ljupco (2011) The Role and Importance of Investment Banking in the Financial Industry and Innovation. ICEIRD 2011 Proceedings. pp. 237-241. ISSN 978–608–65144-2-6

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Investment banking is among the important subjects in the agendas of politicians, financial regulators, manufacturers, local and global market participants and students. Great and enhanced expansion of this sector in terms of size and geographical coverage, undergoing changes, and impact on the structure of the economy and financial system in recent years are topics that are processed constantly. To understand this position in investment banking, you need to develop the main characteristics, basic functions and development of this industry, the factors responsible for the development of investment banking, as well as the relationship between the activity of investment banks and the activities of institutions part of this category of business. Major role in laying the foundations of the investment banking play the evolution of investment banking in major industrial countries, as well as the position and influence of investment banking in the broader context on the development of the financial industry as a whole.

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