The I-perspective and the individual's inner world reflected in emotional vocabulary

Ivanovska, Biljana and Daskalovska, Nina (2013) The I-perspective and the individual's inner world reflected in emotional vocabulary. Knowledge - International Journal, Scientific and Applicative Papers. ISSN 1857-923X

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Abstract: Linguists‘ interest in emotional issues can be explained by the ever-growing cultural relations between people in the world. The study of the emotional evaluation of the lexis in a language system is closely related to the problem of the national consciousness, different national factors, national traditions, national culture, and thus with the national world perspective. The presence of emotional vocabulary in the language system is, to a large extent, determined by the development of emotionality (as its mental category), which in turn is determined by the specifics of the national consciousness. The knowledge about the emotional power (options) of words enables us to find a proper way to successful communication. In this paper we make an attempt to describe the linguistic units that are connected to the inner state or inner world of a person belonging to different word classes. These are the units that describe a wide range of emotional anthropocentric terms and the units which not only denote the individual by itself, but also its deeds, actions and its status, i.e. those areas which are related to the existence of a human being. We try to analyze the linguistic units (nouns, verbs, adjectives) and to describe emotional states of individuals such as anxiety, fear, lively/energetic, unhappy/grumpy, serious, violent, sensitive and many others. Key words: emotion, inner world, I-perspective

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