Settlements in Mariovo Raechka Valley and their thematic cartographic representation

Koteski, Cane (2010) Settlements in Mariovo Raechka Valley and their thematic cartographic representation. Bulletin of Papers ASA - 2008-2009 (24-25). pp. 253-263. ISSN 0352-3497

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Considering the height level of the inhabited areas, most of the village settlements, 13, are from 600 to 690 m. above see level, and 10 settlements are from 800 to 899 m. above see level. There is a small number of settlements, 7, that are from 700 to 799m above see level and the smallest number of settlements, 4, are from 900 to 999m above see level. During the period between 1961--2002 ,5 village settlements have been deserted. From the analysis of the size of the village estates, by settlements and municipalities, we can conclude that the size of all village estates within the researched region amounts 1025.8 km2. The area of Mariovo is 814.5 km2 and the area of Raec is 211.3 km2. In 1961 Mariovo and Raec area had 14070 inhabitants who lived in an area of 1025.8 km2, with an average density of 13.71 inhabitants on 1km2, and in 2002, there were 1028 inhabitants with an average density of 1.0 inhabitants on 1 km2. There are 10 villages which belong to the group with less than 10 inhabitants, there are 6 settlements in the group with 11-20 inhabitants, there are 8 villages in the third group with 21-70 inhabitants, in the fourth group there are 4 villages with 71-100 inhabitants, there is only one village with 101-170 inhabitants ,1 village in the group with more than 171 inhabitants and there are 5 villages in the group where inhabitants have been resettled and villages deserted. From the data on the institutional infrastructure ,in 2003 there are no 8 -grade primary schools in this area which points to the fact that there is no young population, there is no catering service building, and no petrol station within an area of 1025.8 km2. According to the information on the how far the village settlements are from the municipality centres, we can conclude that with the establishment of the new municipalities in 1996, the areas of Mariovo and Raec , as part of the municipalities of Prilep and Bitola, have developed more than in the previous 50 years.

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