Influence of the Buchim copper leaching factory on the environ around the active Buchim copper mine

Serafimovski, Todor and Nikolov, Nikolajco and Konzulov, Gerasim and Tasev, Goran and Sarafiloski, Sare (2014) Influence of the Buchim copper leaching factory on the environ around the active Buchim copper mine. International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference (SGEM 14), I (1). pp. 383-390. ISSN 1314-2704

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Within this paper we are going to present a review of results for some particular contaminants such are: Co, Cu, Cd, Al, Fe, U etc., until the 2011 as well as review of results of monitoring (2012-2013) following the construction of the copper leaching facility. For the period covering period 1979-2011, in marked contrast, the water from the mine used to be acidic (pH <5) and had some dramatically high concentrations of particular elements: 75 mg/L Al, 1.16 mg/L Co, 140 mg/L Cu, 61 mg/L Mn, 0.905 mg/L U and etc. These very high values occurred within about 3 km of the mine but the influence of the mine extends downstream. For instance, the Cu concentrations used to be elevated (>0.5 mg/L) 24 km downstream, where the River Madenska joins the River Bregalnica. Positive effects in regards to environmental pollution following the construction of the leaching facility were confirmed by the results of the 2012 monitoring and especially by the results of the 2013 monitoring. According to the monitoring in 2013, copper values ranged from <0.01 to 1.6 mg/L Cu, silver in the range 0.001÷0.02 mg/L Ag, ammonia 0.006÷0.90 mg/L NH4 as well as pH 4.58÷7.86, which itself speaks about the positive effects achieved with constructions of the leaching facility and engulfed drainage waters.

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