The information technology and science: Where is the limit and how resolving simple human problems

Temjanovski, Riste and Georgieva Svrtinov, Vesna (2014) The information technology and science: Where is the limit and how resolving simple human problems. In: The Science and the Social Development, 9 May 2014, Skopje.


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Basic science research and advances in IT innovations affect our lives in many ways every day. Undoubtedly, the present advances in information technology have transformed life around the world. In addition of enormous achievements in lasers technology, several processor cores etc. indicate that the impact of the Information Age has only just begun—and that the greatest transformations lie ahead. Science makes efforts to incubate interdisciplinary research widely applicable across natural, social, and engineered systems. Nowadays, the scientists use the tools and methods for extracting vital information from massive datasets. They simulate and create 3-D visualizations in all domains, which results allow scientists to make accurate predictions even in the presence of uncertainty and far future. But science doesn't draw conclusions about decision about peace and war, moral judgment, positives and negative effects from globalizations (the problem with wealth concentration or not) and how human societies interact with sciences. However, those and other question that arises with everyday live cannot be resolved by science. The main question is: how to structured science’s models that put our lives in progress? Another very important function of science is to improve the educational system. At the present time, science, technology and education stand in the first place among the factors in developing a nation. We must cultivate science but we should equally pay our attention to the education and the culture development of civilization as well. Key words: Information technology, Human societies, Globalization, Economic progress, Education system

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