Geochemistry of the endemic flora violla alsharica and thymus alsharensis of the Alshar site-Macedonia

Boev, Blazo and Karakaseva, Elizabeta and Boev, Ivan (2014) Geochemistry of the endemic flora violla alsharica and thymus alsharensis of the Alshar site-Macedonia. ENIGMA. pp. 51-66.

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This paper presents the specific geochemistry of the endemic flora Violla Alsharica and Thymus Alsharensis which appears at the area of the location of Alsar (Republic of Macedonia). The locality Alsar is a unique mining findings where a number of minerals of thallium which in their basics are sulfates of thallium with arsenic, sculpture, iron and mercury. As a result of this mineralization of the entire space of a few square kilometers is enriched with arsenic, thallium, antimony and mercury, that is, there are increased concentrations of these elements in the soils and water. The conducted research on the geochemistry of the endemic flora shows that it is enriched with thallium and arsenic and that there is a strong geochemical correlation between the contents of arsenic and thallium in the soils of the endemic flora. This study was designed to assess total contents of 7 trace metals (Pb, Cu, Zn, Co, Ni, Tl, As, Pb and Mn in the soil and plant samples of two endemic species (Violla Alsharica and Thymus alsharensis) collected from soils in part of the Alshar site. The content, transfer and accumulation of metals from soil to endemic species was evaluated in terms of Biological Concentration Factor (BCF), Total metal content of Zn, Ni, Cu, Ba, Tl, As,Pb, Co and Mn in soils varied between of 70-465 mg/kg, 17-190 mg/kg, 6-68 mg/kg, 20-1100 mg/kg, 98-154 mg/kg, 443-2000 mg/kg, 10-48 mg/kg, 8-217 mg/kg, 22-6410 mg/kg, respectively. In soil from Alshar site content of Tl (98-154 mg/kg) and As (443-2000 mg/kg), drastically exceeding the intervention value according to a New Dutch list. Mn has the highest bio-accumulation factor in comparison with other metals in both endemic species. BCF for other trace elements decreases in the order Pb> Cu> Ba> Zn> TL,> Ni> Tl> How to Violla Alsharica, and Cu> Zn> Ba> Ni> Pb> Tl> Co> As for Thymus alsharensis. The BCF values of Violla Alsharica, was highest for Pb (2,98), Tl (1.85) and Mn (10.94), while Thymus alsharensis has higher BCF values for Zn (2.93), Ba(2.80), Cu(5.68), Ni (2.51) and Co (0.73). Both endemic species have low bio-accumulation factor for As.Thumus alsharensis and Viola alsharica from Alshar site, had very high BCF values and could be useful for phytostabilization of soils contaminated with Cu, Zn, Tl, Ni and Pb.

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