The Darwin evolution theory – society, social system designed in accordance with Darwin’s concept of nature

Stavreva Veselinovska, Snezana (2008) The Darwin evolution theory – society, social system designed in accordance with Darwin’s concept of nature. International Scientific Publications, 3. pp. 104-114. ISSN 1313-7980

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"Creationism" or "evolutionism"? This is a typical amateur dilemma relevant today as much as the possible confusion between the Copernican and the Ptolemaic system of the world. Today, 145 years after publishing Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species there is need for new explanations of the biological evolution mechanism, but nobody who is informed enough does not doubt that the evolution process itself is indisputable, in the same manner as nobody refutes the Earth’s revolution around the Sun. We all learnt in school that man originated from apes and only apes. With time this became a special dogma that does not put up with any opposition. If man became from apes, then why today’s apes refused to become men? Recently a theory has emerged in the evolution area saying that today’s hens became from dinosaurs?! It is unbelievable what people are prepared to say in order to defend the evolution theory. Natural selection on alternative alleles can only be a valid description of reality when the following abstractions of the genetic paradigm are assumed to be true: (a) genes determine characters in a straightforward and additive way, (b) they are stable and, except for rare random mutations, are passed on unchanged to the next generation, and (c) there is no feedback from the environment to the organism's genes. All three assumptions have been demonstrated to be false.

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